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Will Immigration Law Cost Arizona All-Star Game?

Groups Are Trying to Boycott Arizona Over Its Controversial New Immigration Law


United Adds Same-Day Standby Fee
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United Airlines (UA) has added a $50 fee for an unconfirmed same-day standby seat.

Some information from United is Below.


Same-day travel
Confirmed same-day travel changes
On the same day of travel as your scheduled itinerary, you can confirm a seat on an alternate United flight within three hours of the time of your request. If eligible seats are available on the alternate flight, your change will be confirmed for a $75 fee.*

You can request a confirmed same-day travel change during online check-in or at an EasyCheck-in® kiosk at the airport. You may also see a customer service representative at the airport check-in counter or call 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331).
  • Confirmed same-day travel changes are available only for flights that are wholly within the United States.
  • Available only for identical routings (same origin, destination and connection city, if applicable).
  • Alternate flights must be scheduled to depart within three hours of your request. For flights departing more than three hours after your request, the standard change fee policy will apply.
  • The confirmed same-day travel change fee is non-refundable and will be collected at the time when the change request is made.


See the rest of the changes at the United Airlines website, here


Service to Beijing on American Airlines Delayed
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A note to travelers from American Airlines regarding nonstop service from Chicago to Beijing.

We regret that we are unable to launch our new daily nonstop service from Chicago to Beijing as planned. Start up tentatively will be delayed until Tuesday, May 4, 2010, for Chicago-Beijing service and until Wednesday, May 5, 2010, for Beijing-Chicago service.

Customers impacted by the cancelled flights will have the option to be rebooked or receive a full refund to the original form of payment. We are in the process of contacting customers confirmed on these flights to assist with re-accommodation. If your flight has not been rescheduled or refunded, please contact American Airlines Reservations at one of the following:

   * Reservations (U.S. and Canada): *1-800-433-7300*
   * AAdvantage Reservations (U.S. and Canada): *1-800-882-8880*
   * For Reservations outside the U.S. and Canada, please visit our
     *Worldwide Reservations Numbers*
     <http://link.aa.com/r/CLW71S/FI80V/HGFRDQ/EK71IF/9KD4S/LE/h> page.
   * AmericanAirlines Vacations land and air vacation packages:


American Airlines


Air Travel Grinds to a ...Start
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A week after debris from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano halted air travel, airlines and passengers are slowly witnessing a light at the end of the tunnel. Frankfurt and Munich airports say some 90 percent of their flights are operating, and after much heated debate, airspace over the UK is open; BA is operating both short and longhaul flights. Flights in and out of US Airforce bases in Italy, Germany and Britain have resumed. Stranded passengers may still have days to wait until they're re-routed, and in the meantime, are taking up refuge on trains, boats, in hotels, if there is space.

"Quite frankly we don't have..." read the rest from the AP report here

Chaos Continues as UK Airspace Opens
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According to a report by the BBC today, UK airspace has re-opened, but it may be weeks untill the backlogged passengers can find space on flights. More information can be found here

Air Travel Updates for Today, Tuesday April 20, 2010
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Swiss Air is scheduled to fly from North America.

The following American Airlines flights will be operating over the next two days:

Inbound (eastbound) 20 APR: AA236, AA110
Outbound (westbound) 21APR: AA235, AA111

Inbound (eastbound) 20 APR: AA68, AA36
Outbound (westbound) 21APR: AA69, AA37

Inbound (eastbound) 20 APR: AA152
Outbound (westbound) 21APR: AA151

CDG – extra section

20 APR: AA9264, Dep 1600, Arr 1815

All other Continental European flights to the U.S. have been cancelled for today.

Keep checking back for further updates...

If you need to book vacation travel for this summer call 1 800 435 8776. If you need more information about cancelations please consult the grid here to determine whether you should contact your travel agent or the airlines directly. Agents at Cook Travel have access to client records only.

Can You Say it Three Times In A Row?
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As if it isn't already difficult enough to read "Eyjafjallajokull," NPR's Korva Coleman raises the bar for rappers everywhere with her take on the state of Iceland's volcanic eruption. Check it out here.

So Your Flight is Canceled - Call Your Travel Agent or The Airline?
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Waiver Code




Aer Lingus - TransAtlantic






Aer Lingus - European






Air France/KLM


















Austrian Air






British Air



BA Com Pol 15APR 2010








Travel agents may not issue refunds, only Continental Airlines can issue refunds







Jet Airways












Swiss Air





Online Form

United Airlines






Virgin Atlantic




























Helpful Phone Numbers

Virgin Atlantic: 1 800 821 5438

United Airlines: 1-800-538-2929

Delta: 800-847-0578

Continental: 800.231.0856

Austrian Air: 1-800-843-0002

American Airlines: 1-800-433-7300

Alitalia: 800-223-5730.

Featured on ABC News
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Iceland Volcanic Ash Stymies Celebs, Strands Thousands at Airport Cots, Foreign Cities


Blake Feetwood, who owns five Cook Travel agencies around New York, said he has dozens of passengers stranded in various airports.

His team worked through the night to get five architects out of Mumbai. They were supposed to fly back to New York via London.

"My agent was up all night trying to reroute them to come via the Pacific," Feetwood said. "The other route takes about three or four hours longer but if you have a death cloud out there, you have to go the other way."

Now they are flying Mumbai to Bangkok to Tokyo to New York thanks to an agent who spent the night searching for tickets.

"My agent was just sitting there watching the computer, as seats opened up, grabbing them," he said....


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