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Whether you need to travel in 2 months- or in 24 hours- we can help you secure lower cost business class and first class airfare thanks to our special negotiated fares, consolidator fares, and lower cost net fares.

See for yourself how much you can save.  Request a quote.

Every online booking site claims that it offers the "absolute" lowest fares, but, more often than not, these sites do not even have access to the lowest fares. In fact, even the airlines themselves won't sell you the lowest fares! 

Instead, airlines pass their "absolute" lowest fares to consolidators and large corporate agencies so that they can fill their empty seats without publicly devaluing their inventory.

You should always research your lowest cost options!  When looking for the lowest fares, it's always wise to find out the pricing of consolidator and net fares-- instead of just assuming that sale fares or so-called "lowest" fare are the lowest

At Planetamex we have access to these exclusive consolidator and net fares and can help you save thousands of dollars on your business & first class international travel.  If we can't offer you the lowest fares, we will tell you as much.

For trips booked at least 21 days in advance, we are able to offer our lowest consolidator and net rates.

Please keep in mind that first and business class airfares are considerably more expensive than coach class fares.  Due to the specific nature of our contract savings programs, we can only take requests for international discount tickets over $1,200.  Some discounts are available on almost all eligible itineraries.   

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